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Bernie Rodgers is an English major at the University of Pennsylvania. When he’s not riding his bike home to South Philly, he can be found reading Jack Kerouac or stalking through the Mütter Museum.

What Your Philadelphia Area Code Says About You

Philadelphia is a melting pot of many things: of different cultures, different professions, and different classes. Yet, there’s a huge jumbled mess of something not often acknowledged by its residents:


Top Violations of SEPTA Passenger Etiquette

It’s safe to say that everyone in Philly has a love-hate relationship with SEPTA. While it’s extremely convenient to have a functional transportation system in a huge city, there’s endless

The 10 Most Annoying Types of People in Philadelphia

For better or worse, Philadelphians have a reputation for possessing an in-your-face, rude attitude. We’re also apparently the ugliest people in the world. While the first certainly isn’t too far