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Kevin Kinkead has been on the Philadelphia Union beat since the team’s 2010 inaugural season. His writing resume includes PhillyVoice, CBSPhilly,,, the Canadian Press, and the Philly Soccer Page. Kevin is a former TV sports and news producer and graduated from West Virginia University and Boyertown High School.

There’s A Silent Majority Among Sixers Fans

Somewhere between the “told you so” back-patting and those who never understood the Process in the first place exists a third feeling towards the Philadelphia 76ers: cautious optimism.

Chances are you’re one of those

Can You Be Independent In Donald Trump’s America?

It was October 23rd, 2010, when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell famously said in an interview with the National Journal that he wanted Barack Obama to be a “one-term president.”

The irony

The Process Belongs To The Sixers, And Only The Sixers

Two weeks ago, at a closed-doors Philadelphia Union town hall meeting with season ticket holders, Sporting Director Earnie Stewart twice mentioned your team, your town, your Philadelphia 76ers.

“I don’t want to