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Mapped Guide of the Best Pho Spots in Philly

Mapped Guide of the Best Pho Spots in Philly

By Brendan Sweeney

We’ll continue our roundup of Philadelphia winter comfort foods with the a mapped guide of the best pho in Philly. Last week, we hit you with all the ramen spots in Philadelphia, and more lists like these are on the way to cure your winter blues. Just keep in mind, these lists are unranked—the numbers are there to denote their locations on the map.

Pho traces its origins back to early 20th century Vietnam, and has evolved into a global sensation since. Thanks to the cultural richness of Philadelphia, delectable pho can be more or less found a stone’s throw away from wherever you stand.

Here is our guide to the best pho in Philadelphia.

1. Pho Ha Saigon

575 Adams Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19120
Phone: (267) 538-5600

Along with it’s other two locations, this location specializes in modern Vietnamese cuisine. Considered among the healthiest foods available, it’s easy to see why they were in demand enough to open more places.

2. Vietnam Restaurant

221 N 11th St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
Phone: (215) 592-1163

Originally started by a Vietnamese couple that found their way out of a Malaysian refugee camp, the hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese eatery evolved over the years into a must-see restaurant in Philadelphia’s Chinatown. This is your place for pho in a wood-accented space with a second floor bar known as Bar Saigon.

3. Pho & Cafe Saigon

4248 Spruce St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
Phone: (215) 222-6800

They do noodles, pho, rice dishes and fresh fruit milkshakes. It’s situated just a few short blocks from the Cinemark and not far from UPenn’s campus. This location is also cash only.

4. Thang Long Noodle Restaurant

2534-36 Kensington Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19125
Phone: (215) 425-0078

This is a quiet, family-owned Vietnamese restaurant in the East Kensington section of Philadelphia, guaranteeing the quality and attention to detail you would come to expect with a home-cooked meal. They also serve beer and bubble tea.

5. Pho Xe Lua

907 Race St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
Phone: (215) 627-8883

They do traditional pho, noodles and late-night food. With an estimated $20 bill for a two person meal, this no-nonsense restaurant could be exactly what your casual date night needs. It is closed on Wednesdays.

6. Vietnam Cafe

816 S 47th St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19143
Phone: (215) 729-0260

Affiliated with the Vietnam Restaurant, this another Philadelphia location run by the Lai family. It is an expansion of the original concept demanded by popularity, this time operating out of University City.

7. Cafe Diem

1031 S 8th St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
Phone: (215) 923-8347

This is a cash-only establishment down the street from Pat’s and Geno’s in South Philly. The eatery has gained local fame for its Bun Bo Hue, but there are other great pho choices as well on the menu. Spiciness can also be doled out in vicious quantities – upon request, of course.

8. Pho 75

1122 Washington Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
Phone: (215) 271-5866

This is a great spot for Vietnamese comfort food, featuring pho in many varieties. They provide you with sprouts on the side, so you can decide how much you want in the bowl. Prices are very reasonable, and the Vietnamese coffee they have has gained some street cred as well.

9. Nam Phuong Restaurant

1110 Washington Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
Phone: (215) 468-0410

Nam Phuong has quick service with healthy options, decorated with chandeliers and neon lights. Priding itself on modern interpretations of classic dishes as well as high standards for freshness, this Philly pho location is not one you’ll want to skip.

10. Pho Ha

600 Washington Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
Phone: (215) 599-0264

The specialty here is pho and other noodle dishes, and they offer a customizable option. The portions are large for the price and the service is quick. It is also cash-only.

11. Pho Ha Saigon South Philly

320 w oregon ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19148
Phone: (215) 389-1002

This part of the Pho Ha trinity serves South Philadelphia, with an assortment of pho options. The Bun Thit Nuong is a featured specialty, which consists of vermicelli with grilled pork.

12. Cafe Nhan

1620 W Passyunk Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19145
Phone: (267) 357-7980

This is a quiet spot, great for a quick bite of Vietnamese food. It features oddities like oxtail pho, which has a significant place in Vietnamese tradition.

13. Pho Cali

1000 Arch St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
Phone: (215) 629-1888

Pho Cali is a casual Vietnamese eatery with healthy options, located in Chinatown. With its speedy service and close proximity to Jefferson Station, its a great place for a quick bite for Philadelphia travelers on the go.

14. Pho Saigon

1100 S Christopher Columbus Blvd
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
Phone: (267) 773-7305

This is a spacious noodle shop, with other Vietnamese fare. With a highly attentive wait staff and a broth that receives praises far and wide, Pho Saigon secures its name among Philadelphia pho lovers.

15. Pho Ha Saigon Temple University

1601 N 15th St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19121
Phone: (267) 318-7243

Located in Temple University’s The Edge, this location of the Pho Ha Saigon franchise aims to liberate college students from the sterile tasteless instant noodles they’ve been living off of since they got there.

16. Le Viet

1019 S 11th St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
Phone: (215) 463-1570

This is an upscale eatery with happy hour food and drink specials. Le Viet delivers a modern feel, with freshness aplenty and a keen eye paid to presentation.

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I’ve been to most of these Pho Greats, and I have to agree this list is very accurate …and for those I have not been to I plan on trying. Mwah ur Chef Foxx

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