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There’s A Silent Majority Among Sixers Fans

Somewhere between the “told you so” back-patting and those who never understood the Process in the first place exists a third feeling towards the Philadelphia 76ers: cautious optimism.

Chances are you’re one of those

The Phillies Haven’t Been This Bad In 72 Years

Yesterday’s 10-2 loss against the Miami Marlins, the second worst team in baseball, confirmed what many Philadelphians already know — the Phillies are awful.

The loss capped off a series sweep

The Process Belongs To The Sixers, And Only The Sixers

Two weeks ago, at a closed-doors Philadelphia Union town hall meeting with season ticket holders, Sporting Director Earnie Stewart twice mentioned your team, your town, your Philadelphia 76ers.

“I don’t want to

The 2016-17 Sixers End of Season Haircut Awards

The NBA usually gives its regular season awards during the playoffs. Last year, the league announced Steph Curry won Most Valuable Player on May 10. This season, things are running

Four Simple Fixes for Baseball’s Pace Problem

I’m one of those people who loves playoff baseball but loses interest in the regular season.
It’s not entirely about the length of the game or the onslaught of commercials. It’s

The Philadelphia Flyers Are An Amoeba

This column is like the Philadelphia Flyers—it just sort of exists.

There’s a bit of direction with some decent paragraphs, while the rest is cobbled together like the top half