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August 4, 2017

Last Week Today: Philly Politics & Civics (7/28-8/3)

Written by Dan Leer

Last Week Today is a roundup of all things politics and civics that happened in Philadelphia during the previous week. This includes legislation, news from political officials, government initiatives, and internet ephemera.

Weekend – 7.28 to 7.30

Chris Christie Strikes Again

It seems like every day Chris Christie cares less and less about being the Governor of New Jersey. He’s been spending a lot more time at baseball games or at the beach. And this weekend he decided it was no longer necessary for him to ignore criticism when he got into the face of a Chicago Cubs fan at a baseball game.

The fan, a guy named Brad Joseph, yelled, ”You suck” at Christie, and Christie responded by getting face-to-face with the man and saying, “You’re a real big shot.” Joseph said he is sorry and wishes he came up with something better to say, like that Christie is a hypocrite. Christie said he was actually very restrained and is proud of himself for not dumping his nachos on Joseph’s head.

Monday – 7.31

Fireworks in PA

A revenue bill designed to help the state’s budget might legalize certain types of fireworks in PA. The bill, which passed the Senate last Thursday, would bring in a projected $3 million for the state. It would legalize ‘middle-tier’ fireworks like bottle rockets, roman candles, and mortars.

Battle Over Broad Street Median

A lawsuit has been filed to try to stop cars from parking on the Broad Street median. Jake Leifer, the plaintiff, is focusing on a stretch of Broad St. in South Philly, from Washington Avenue to Oregon Avenue. The stretch can hold 200 cars when full, but Leifer says median parking is a threat to public safety. South Philly locals and businesses are overwhelmingly against the suit.

Tuesday 8.1

Cosby’s Lawyer Quits

Bill Cosby’s lawyer, Brian McGonagle, is quitting on the 80-year-old’s sexual assault case, just months before retrial. Cosby is still in the process of finding a replacement. His retrial is set for November 6. Apparently, there was tension between McGonagle and the rest of Cosby’s legal team.

State Budget Watch

Pennsylvania lawmakers are still not sure how they will pay for this year’s near-$32 billion budget. And they are keeping quiet about it. The Republican-leaning House is strongly opposing new taxes, and they seem to be the root of the stagnation.

Wednesday – 8.2

Police Transparency

In an effort to increase transparency, civilian complaints against police officers will become public record in Philadelphia. Mayor Kenney called it a “common-sense” reform. Police Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. also was happy about the decision.

Should Brady Lead Democrats?

A PoliticsPA poll asked its readers: Should Bob Brady stay on as the Chair of the Philadelphia Democratic Party? The results are currently 67 percent no and 33 percent yes. Brady has been accused of paying off a political rival to drop out of a past race.

Thursday – 8.3

Environmental Protection Agency Sued

Pennsylvania, and 14 other states, were part of an effort that stopped the Environmental Protection Agency from reversing Obama-era ozone regulations. The states filed a lawsuit against the EPA. The next day, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt announced the agency would not continue the action, and made no mention of the legal challenge.

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