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Media Kit

What we do

Philly Views is designed for an audience that is young, intelligent, and socially-inclined. In a city that is changing and growing, we saw an opportunity to connect more deeply with Philadelphians through avenues that rarely, if ever, have been taken.

To do this, we cannot follow the media advertising model of the past. We need advertisers that want to engage with our audience. We need to find innovative brand partners that will go along with us to the next level.

These partnerships will not just benefit Philly Views. They will help you connect directly with people who may be interested your products and services. They will give people a centralized hub of businesses and brands curated for their interests and demographics.

In other words, we’re offering the elusive win-win-win scenario.

Why we’re here

We’re here to serve a new generation of Philadelphians. We want this city to have an information resource that matches the intelligence and creativity of its people. We want to adapt and change with the way people consume information.

Our thoughts on advertising

It’s easy to get down on advertising. Who likes watching a 15-second ad before finally getting to that sweet, sweet video of puppies playing in a puddle? In fact, we should probably get this out of the way now — we will never interrupt our audience’s cute animal videos with advertising that doesn’t appeal to them.

It’s not as simple, “people dislike advertising.” People dislike being exposed to products, brands and services that just don’t resonate with them.

Advertising with us will be mutually beneficial for both you and your targeted audience. You can think of us as a host, introducing two people who would get along perfectly, but just haven’t had the chance to meet.

Advertising shouldn’t “get in the way” of content — It should feel like an integral part of the user experience. We want to create advertising so appealing that people would miss it if it were gone.

Content focus and target audience

Philly Views is geared toward a growing population of Philadelphians in the 18-45 age range with a particular focus on millennials (ages 20-34), who make up the city’s fastest-rising demographic.

With content focused on events, openings, food and drink, sports, culture, entertainment and topical local news, we are reaching this group and growing our audience every day.

Advertising Opportunities

Homepage Ad

This is will be on its own dedicated tab on the site. It will list your company logo with a description of what you do. The logo will be linked to your website.

$99/month, $999/year

Featured Posts

These posts will feature content about your business/brand/product/company and be featured as the top post of one our category pages (news, food and drink, etc.) for one month. It will also be promoted through all of our social media channels. The content must be supplied by you and will be reviewed by our editorial team to ensure it meets our quality standards before being published and before you are charged.


Sponsored Posts

These posts will feature content about you, and will be written by us. They will be posted on our site just as our original articles are, but they will be marked with the “sponsored” tag. They will be promoted through all of our social media channels.



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