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October 23, 2017

Weirdest Items You Can Buy on Philadelphia Craigslist Now

Written by Jamie Walsh

No matter what you are searching for, Philadelphia Craigslist has you covered.

Whether you need an apartment, online romance, or a three-foot-tall statue of the Kool-Aid Man, Philadelphia Craigslist has everything you’ve never really wanted. But sometimes, you may be better off just not spending the money at all.

We’ve gathered the most questionable items for sale on Philadelphia Craigslist for the second time. If you want to walk down memory lane, you can see the first installment of weird items for sale on Philly Craigslist from March.

If we didn’t set some rules before starting, we’d be scrolling through the Personals section for hours, and give you a list list of Craigslist’s raunchiest users. This one is a little different.

Here are our weird Philadelphia Craigslist rules: 

Must Be “For Sale” – Like I said before, we are better off staying out of the miscellaneous romance section.

Must Have An Image – ‘Pics or it didn’t happen’ stands true both on and offline

Must Be Located in The Philadelphia Region – This is Philadelphia Craigslist. It should be in reasonable driving distance.

Must Be Ridiculous – No one should ever feel enticed to actually buy these things. Intrigued yes, but owning any of these things is a step too far.

Ok, let’s do it.

This Old Ass Drill – $10


If you’re looking for a subpar drill to “drill some shit with real good,” today is your lucky day. If not, it’s okay to admire this guy’s honesty.


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Dead, Intact Moth  – $8

Freshly dead and apparently straight out it’s mating cycle, you won’t find one these just anywhere. Perfect for any bug collection or mantel piece.


Life-Size Kool-Aid Man Figure – $50

Greg is currently in need of help in removing his Kool-Aid Man shrine from his home. There’s no need to wait until Amazon Prime Day to buy something you have absolutely no use for when this thing is just waiting for a good home.

Vintage SEPTA Tie Tack – $100

Let’s just take a look back at that price again: $100 for a tie tack received for free after 25 years of service. One hundred dollars. Much respect to those die-hard SEPTA fans, though.

“Bleed For The Eagles,” Original Artwork – $350

I fully understand your devotion to your football team, Josh, but when you find someone to pay $350 for splattered display of Eagles pride, let me know.

Graphic Erotic Painting – $500

This hand-painted, original piece is clearly done by a talented artist, but I’m more concerned with who her target market is and why they want this hanging in their home. This work has been edited slightly to blur out the naughty bits, but you probably get the idea.

College Panties – $50

I think this ad is for panties worn by a college student. If this ad is for $50 panties marketed toward the college women, that’s a bit steep for people who drink $14 cases of Natty Light. My money is on this being a poorly-worded side hustle for a college woman selling her used panties.

Female Zombie Corpse Torso Mannequin – $100

If you are worried about your female zombie corpse being lonely, thankfully there is also a male zombie corpse available for a small fee of $150.

Vintage Playboy Signed by Donald Trump

The same signature that makes executive orders also graces the cover of this copy of Playboy. Either you’re a huge Trump supporter, or you appreciate the absurdity of that sentence. You know it’s real because the seller notes it was “given to me by an ex employee.”

Vintage Wawa Milk Bottle and Two Wawa Matchbooks Unused – $20

There’s really no use for this unhistorical empty milk bottle for anyone at this point. For those people who really, really like Wawa.

Nearly All X-Files episodes on VHS – $20

This person has clearly never heard of Hulu. Thankfully he did the math for us: 20 cents per episode including all commercials and low quality video.

Huge Camel Sculpture – $50

For just $50, you can complete your home with a 30 pound, 50-year-old deteriorating sculpture of a camel.

Yuengling basketball jersey #1 – $35

This jersey is in search of a new man cave to call home. Impress your friends on the basketball court or in the nearest college basement.

Tarantula and Other Bugs (Framed) – $35

Who knew Philadelphia had such a huge market for dead bugs in frames? This is honestly a steal when you think about it. It comes down to just over $4 per bug. According to my bug guy, that’s way below market value.

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Weird for sure. But I think I can do better . give me a week.or two.

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