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December 5, 2017

20 Awesome + Interesting Gifts From Philly Etsy Shops

Written by Brendan Sweeney

When properly utilized, Etsy is an amazing tool for finding unique, well-made holiday gifts. Since there is no middle-man, the prices are also damn near impossible to beat. In cities that boast a variety of hardworking, creative artists, craftsmen and collectors like Philadelphia, it also becomes a handy and effective way to get what you want while supporting local makers and artists.

Here are a few gifts we found just begging to be purchased for the Christmas and holiday season.


Scalable Digital Download of Seinfeld’s Apartment

Social Mustard


It’s scalable, and it’s spectacular.


Framed Kevin Malone

Brian Mietz


This artist specializes in simplistic portraits of stars, or in this case, superstars.


Prison Mike Coffee Mug

Victory Screech Labs


At 15 ounces, this is a truly awe-inspiring and engrossing work of art.


US National Parks Map

World Vibe Studio


It also features customizable options (see bottom right corner).


Moroccan Thuya Wood Box

Moroccan Craft Market


Handmade from Tetraclinis Articulata, a tree native to northern Africa.


Natural Agate Night Light

Sweet Jane Co


Adds a unique sense of ambience and handmade goodness to any room.


Gourmet Marijuana Candle



Perfect for a relaxing, marijuana-scented bath or for confusing cops.


Stepped Record Bowl



You don’t have to hit one of the Philadelphia record stores to get some wax. Vinylux is a Philly-based company that makes pieces like this out of repurposed vinyl.


Philadelphia Art Coaster Set

Brandi Fitzgerald


Features original artwork and photography.


Exotic Handmade Wooden Pipe

Artisan Pipes And Ts


Complete with a screen and human-friendly finish.


Succulents Terrarium Kit

Moon Fox Method


Perfect for adding nature to a room in a low-maintenance package.


Walnut Desk Caddy

Peg and Awl


A handmade desk caddy: simple, yet effective.


Lil’ Sebastian Mug

Slash And Burn Gift Shop


To continue with our sitcom theme, it’s machine washable and microwave safe.


Broyhill Emphasis Bachelor Chest

Niji Furnishing


This is a vintage item from the 1960’s, and you can grab it for pickup.


Shou Sugi Ban Wine Rack

Loma Living


Offered in several different sizes, this is a handmade minimalist wine rack.


Live Edge Wood Slab Coffee Table

South Philly Barn


These are custom-made to ensure you get the slab shape you need.


Wall-Mounted Bike Rack

Loma Living


One of these is almost essential for city living.


Customizable 8 oz Flask

Applicable Pun Decals


Choose from a variety of different custom options.


Industrial Steel Steampunk Lamp



Like many of their other lamps, it’s meticulously handcrafted and LED compatible.


Unisex Alpaca Sweater

Bobbie Glue


Philly might be best known for cheesesteaks, but its specialty in Alpaca sweaters is a close second.

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