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March 13, 2018

Where To Go Sledding in Philadelphia

Written by Matt Schickling

When something steep gets snowed on, Philadelphians sled down it. That includes concrete slopes and steps, especially those named for iconic fictional boxers.

This city is actually filled with some pretty solid hills through a decent amount of its neighborhoods. Long-time residents know the deal in their respective ‘hoods, but  newcomers may need some help navigating the landscape.

At Philly Views, we made a list to guide you through it, and broke it down by general location. Each title is linked to the location.

If we missed something near you, send an email to editor@phillyviews.com or comment below.

Also, do BYOB if you’re feeling it. If it’s snowing, we’re probably only abiding by blizzard law anyway. Here we go.

Center City

Art Museum Steps

This is not a hill with grass. Those are behind the Art Museum. This is a stairway that people usually run up like Rocky. When it snows, they slide down it like Derice Bannock. There’s got to be a good bit of snow to make this reasonable, but when it works out, the Art Museum is probably the city’s best sledding location.

North Philly

Lemon Hill

Next to Lemon Hill Mansion in Fairmount Park, this is probably Philly’s second most popular sledding destination. It’s worthy of that distinction. The proximity to the Art Museum makes it reasonable to visit both sledding destinations in the same day.

This guy looks like he’s loving it.

Juniata Golf Course

This 85-acre course follows the general rule of Philly snowstorms: if you see a lot of land, there’s probably somewhere to sled.

Northeast Philly

Austin Meehan Middle School

Mayfair is home to at least half-dozen respectable sledding hills, but Austin Meehan is the cream of the crop. There’s actually two hills: one out front and one behind the school, which is steeper. Bonus points for anyone who crosses the fields behind the school to sled down the sides of “The Bowl,” Abraham Lincoln High School’s home football field.

Burholme Park

Not a golf course, but close. Burholme Park is next to a driving range, and while there’s some pretty good hills in the park, the driving range is even better.

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John Byrne Golf Course

It’s a golf course and it’s within walking distance to a bunch of homes. In the winter, it’s a sledding hill.

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Baldi Middle School

Another entry into the concrete-only category. Ride this Bustleton hill with caution, and probably avoid it altogether if the snow is less than a few inches.

Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush

Other than the Bowl, this might be the steepest hill in all of the Northeast.

Northwest Philly

Thomas Mansion Hill

This one is long and winding, but not very steep. It falls into the category of hill that looks only kinda like a hill when it’s not covered in snow. When it snows, it looks very fun to slide down.

Walnut Lane Golf Course

Add this to the list of golf courses that moonlight as sledding spots. This is probably the best sledding location in Roxborough.

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Gorgas Park

This is a more tame hill that works for kids and families. It’s short and sweet, but in a good way.

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The Wall

The Manayunk Wall is not for the faint of heart. It’s a steep drop and it heads into an intersection. Respect to those who risk it all for the love of sledding (or skiing). 

Water Tower Rec Center

This Chestnut Hill locale has a variety of hills for all age and thrill levels. It also gets crowded, for good reason.

South Philly

FDR Park

South Philly is pretty flat, but people do sled here. 

Bridge Hill

There’s a series of hills right at Broad Street and Packer Avenue in the shadow of the Walt Whitman Bridge. Intersections abound so look out.

Southwest Philly

Bartram’s Garden

“A 45-acre National Historic Landmark” that also has a coupla kickass sledding hills.

Cobbs Creek Golf Club

Are you noticing a pattern? Golf courses are not useless in the snow. Not everyone can drive a ball 400 feet, but most people can sit down on a piece of plastic and slide.


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West Philly

Belmont Plateau

Sledding is easier than running cross-country. This is a known fact. Plus, you get the bonus of seeing the skyline in the background.

The torch has been passed to a new generation of pan sledders…

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Clark Park

More about the vibes than the slopes, but it’s pretty vibey. This is the premier West Philly snow day gathering place.

Gather ye snowflakes while ye may. #westphilly #snowday #sledclarkpark

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